Greetings of Dharma Peaceful Humanity, Peaceful World


Charity is the Essential Nature of Our Universe

Hence Our Human Mission is ...

... to understand LOVE

... to cherish life in service to others

... to cultivate loving kindness towards all beings and forms that, together, share 'the one breath of

the universe'

... to view the inseparability and interdependence of all things and events in the manifest world of

name and form ascertain the only TRUTH of WISDOM~COMPASSION as the very substance that lies beneath all

linguistic designations and elaborations

... to transcend self-gratification

... to become selfless, as opposed to being selfish

... to observe the ephemeral nature of all events in 'the dream of life'

... to be solely engaged in activities of benevolence

... to dwell in compassion towards all in existence

... to remain in sympathetic joy for the well-being of sentient others

... to rest the mind in the peaceful abode of non-discrimination

... to never remain being caught up by fleeting mental constructs

... to become aware of the perpetual fruits - of body, speech and mind - that manifest as universe

... to improve the quality of overall phenomenal consciousness - both personal and universal - by the

choices we make

... to understand the supreme cosmic principles at work

... to become a witness to the morally ordered universe

... In sum, it is to WAKE UP and LIVE UP to our spiritual human embodiment

The mission of this website...

... is to awaken humanity to the vast spectrum of LOVE that permeates every facet of existence. That said, human perception is a complex and inconceivable network of psychophysical forces of energy -ceaselessly intersecting and intermingling, while spontaneously bringing to bear the diverse patterns of interdependence - as 'being or form' in the moment. Our manifest world, consequently, is a matter of mind, no doubt! It is continually colored and conditioned by human attitude, and projected as a confused spectrum of LOVE.

Beneath all waves of mental volatility lies the one and only primordial substance of wisdom~compassion. May we, through mindfulness and investigative attention, find realization of our ultimate human potential - unveiling the TRUTH that defines our very existence, solely through the cultivation of unconditionally charitable LOVE.

Welcome to Greetings of Dharma!

They are reflective and pacifying renditions of mind to touch every human heart.

They are intended to reach out to both the giver and recipient of Love and Compassion.

These snippets of wisdom are timeless greetings in themselves.

They are about looking deep into life's treasures that bring about lasting peace and joy.

Our Electronic 'Greetings to Send' are Unique...

They are concise presentations - in the form of e-books - to help uplift the human spirit.

They contain timeless truths that can awaken the human condition in diverse circumstances.

They are suitable for all occasions because the basic life principles they seek to convey reside in the field of timelessness.

They serve to transform human passion into compassion.

They are expositions of human reflection and introspection in search of ultimate peace.

They are non-material acts of generosity and benevolence to boost the human heart.

Their proceeds serve to sustain a worthy cause...'to save the children of humanity'.

The circle of Dharma, or Truth, begins with charity and ends with charity.

Thank you, for your participation in the preservation of world peace!

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E-Book Greetings (Selections and Sub-Selections)

The Ground of Being

Gratitude for Our Ground of Being

The Human Condition

Freedom of the Human Spirit

Morality through the Cultivation of Respect

Virtue of Respect and Reverence



Charity or Generosity

Devotion to Human Purpose

Selfless Love as Loving Kindness




Sympathetic Joy

Morality through the Cultivation of Responsibility

Virtue of Responsibility










Morality through Investigative, Reflective Attention

Investigative Reflective Attention

Investigative Insight

Again, we appreciate your eagerness to improve upon the quality of our human heritage!

Thank You!

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