Greetings of Dharma Peaceful Humanity, Peaceful World


 Altruism in Silence

May all beings be healed of passion, aversion and delusion.

May all beings generate compassion upon fellow beings
 imprisoned by their own 
emotions - spurred by body-speech-mind.

May all beings be freed from ill will and conditioned suffering
 by the karmic forces spontaneously generated
by the meritorious choices of acceptance
 and inner-peace they cultivate.

May all beings reap the blessings of health and longevity
 by the morally-grounded causal imprints of body-speech-mind
 they continue to sow, in the fertile seed-bed 
of their ever-evolving and ever-compounding consciousness.

May all beings dwell in altruistic intention - in the blissful abodes
 of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and 

May all beings be enlightened by all-transcending, wondrous LOVE!

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The lotus blooms with all its glory as the symbol of awakening...its source is in the mud.

Wilderness is the 'suchness' of universe...its beauty must remain untainted.

All marvels of nature deserve our unconditional respect. Peaceful co-existence with nature belongs to human culture alone.

The forces of the universe align in order to bring forth the marvels of interdependence - from their origination to cessation and vice-versa - as cyclic realities!

Thank you

 ...for taking the time to understand the supreme principle of  interdependence at work - as compassionate activity - in the universe.

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