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Peaceful Humanity...~Peaceful World

 What are Greetings of Dharma?

They are e-books of awakening wisdom for all ages.

They are reflective reading materials and pacifying renditions of mind
 to touch every human heart.

They are intended to reach out to both the giver and recipient of LOVE and COMPASSION.

These snippets of wisdom are timeless greetings in themselves.

They are to be selectively chosen and shared with friends and family,
  generating heartfelt loving kindness, especially at a 
time of need.

They are about looking deep into life's treasures that bring about lasting peace and joy.

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I am Nelunika Gunawardena Rajapakse

I am a proud citizen of the world. I cherish my life with gratitude to all aspects that intersect to enable my existence - along with all others - as a living marvel of the moment. I perpetually ponder over my human purpose in life to only realize that charity is the nature of our universe. Success on earth essentially rests upon the quality of LOVE infused through every atom of existence.

However, LOVE in my view, is a spectrum of mind - from darkness to brilliance. Indeed, it bears the potential to manifest its ultimate nature,  through the practice of mindfulness in regard to our human conduct -  while guarding our sense-doors to the world.

Today, our world awaits to be healed with brilliant intention and non-reaction. Its aura is what we, together, continue to invest upon it. Self-absorption, sadly, leads to the destruction of our personal and universal process of being. Selflessness, in the final analysis, reigns in the morally ordered cosmic dance of life.

Please join me in propagating LOVE in the human condition so that peace pervades through all facets of 'being and becoming' in our universe.

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